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🌟🍗🔥 Hangry Joe's Secret Ingredient

📢 Pre-Opening Buzz: Launch your hot chicken spot in style! Our cluckin' good pre-opening campaign will have customers squawkin' with excitement! Eye-catching signage and online buzz guaranteed!

🎨 Feather-Ruffling Branding: Choose from Classic or Graffiti Joe branding and Stand out from the flock with a unique branding strategy! Our creative team ensures customers keep comin' back for more.

📱 Digital Nesting: Master the digital roost! Our experts will feather your nest with engaging content and tantalizin' visuals across social media platforms.

🌐 Egg-cellent Website Design: A functional and cluckin' fantastic website awaits! Smooth navigation, irresistible menus, and hot chicken charm - we've got it all!

📲 Social Media Coop-tivation: Fly high on social media! Our hatched social strategy drives engagement, grows your following, and creates loyal customers.

✉️ Chirpy Email & Text Msg Marketing: Stay connected with your flock! Our savvy email and sms campaigns keep customers cluckin' back for more spicy updates and mouthwaterin' offers.

📺 Seasoned Local Advertising: Make your hot chicken the talk of the town! Our marketing gurus spread your message through strategic local advertising.

🌱 Maintainance & Growth: We're your marketing wingman! Ensuring ongoing success and growth for your Hangry Joe's location.

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A History Of Proven Results

Micah was instrumental in the expansion of the sweetFrog franchise, taking it from under 100 stores to an impressive 500+. Later, he sold his renowned system for customer retention to both CityGro and sF Corporate. With an astounding 4,000% ROI and a 90% opt-in rate, franchises averaged over 40,000 subscribed customers per store.

Micah was a pioneer at Liberty University, now the world's 5th largest. He introduced the innovative text-2-win campaign for a $25,000 scholarship, leading to a surge of 40% more applications at both undergraduate and graduate levels. During his decade-long leadership, the university experienced unprecedented growth.

Prior to the unified Chick-fil-a One App we know today, franchises had more local autonomy. Micah was responsible for over 100 individual Chick-fil-a local apps and their corresponding text loyalty programs, before the brand consolidated its platforms into a single app, email, and text messaging system.

Micah collaborated with multiple Bojangles Regional Owners, aiding them in expanding their subscriber bases and dispatching promotional content via text and email. It was during this tenure that Micah began integrating with POS systems like Micros, NCR, and Clover.

Own Your Customer Data

We average a 4,000% return per text message and a 90% Opt-in Rate. We don't just build you loyal followers on social media. We transition your customers from borrowed real estate like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & TikTok and capture what is important: First, Last Name, Mobile Phone, Email, Birthday and Address so you have a constant flow of business beyond your Grand Opening. Franchise Customer Lists vary from 2k to 40k.

On Average Pre-Opening we get .25 to $1 a Form Fill Customer Opt-In for any market. So in short it's entirely up to you how many customer you want lined up out the door for opening. Just give us a minimum of 90 days or 120 days prior to opening preferred for best results.

Hangry Joe's Marketing Solutions

From Pre-Opening to Ongoing Success

But wait there's more...

SetUp/Pre-Opening Launch
$3,674* + Ad Spend

60-90 Days Prior to Grand Opening
*Setup $2,424 + 1st Month $1,250 = $3,674

  • $3,000 of Advertising Costs Invoiced Separately (Facebook, IG, Snap, TikTok & Adwords)

  • Pre-Opening Signage Design with 3 estimates

  • Permanant Signage Admin and Management

  • Domain Registration

    • HangryJoesCity.com

  • Google Worplace Email

    • store199@

  • Website

  • Social Media Set Up

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • TikTok

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

  • Responses to Social Comments and Messages

  • Social Posing - Minimum 15 per month

  • 10 DLC Phone Number Set-Up

    • Call Forwarding

    • All Phone Calls Recorded

    • A2P Registration

    • Toll Free Number

  • Google My Business - Set Up and Instant Verification

    • Aquire More Reviews

    • Responses to Reviews

    • Posting every other day

  • Custom QR Code

  • YEXT Set Up

  • app.GoAgency.com Set Up

    • Integration of Social Posting

    • Verified Custom Email Domain

    • Employment Capture Form & Scheduling

    • Franchise Lead Capture Form

    • Unlimited Contacts

    • Hosting Included

  • AI Chatbot

    • Loaded with Q&A

  • Several Campaign Incentives

    • 1 in 10 Chance to Win A Free Sando

    • 1,000 Free Sando Giveway

    • 1 Sando Per Week for a Year

    • 1 Sando Per month for a year

  • Retargeting Set Up - Tracking pixel installed on website

  • 6 months of Ads on Facebook & Instagram

    • .25 - $3 per lead

  • Weekly Status Meeting or Video Recap Until Opening

  • Training - 1 Live Onboarding Training plus online course available to all team members

  • Event Opening Day Consulting

  • On-site for Grand Opening (+Travel Expenses)



1.5% Coop Reimbuserment based on location with 1 Million in Annual Revenue = $1,250

  • $300 Retargeting Advertising Costs

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • Native Ads

    • Display AdsSocial Posting every other day

  • Response to comments, reviews and messages

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • TikTok

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

  • $497 app.GoAgency.com CRM Included

  • Additional app.GoAgency.com hard costs**

    • SMS .0158

    • Email .001687

    • Make Calls .028 minute

    • Receive Calls .017 minute

    • LC Trigger .018

    • Email Verify .0645

    • SMS Verify .05

    • Content AI .162

    • Workflow ai .06

    • Conversation ai .01

    • YEXT $49 Monthly

  • Google My Business Maintainence

    • Posting every other day

    • Response to comments, reviews, and messages

  • Yext Hard Costs

    • Yext Listing Monitoring

  • Coop Management

  • Continued Education

  • 24 hour Support

  • Access to HJ Google Drive

  • WhatsApp Group Communication

  • 1 Monthly Meeting & Live Reporting

  • **If you cancel our services you can keep the $497 platform at the negatioated discounted rate for Hangry Joe's for $99 monthly and the additional varible charges above at costs

*$6,674 package includes $3,000 of Advertising Hard Costs for Pre-Opneing. If you want to increase your monthly Advertsing budget please book a demo with us.
Set Up Fees change to $3,674 and will require a 6 month committment.
**app.GoAgency.com hard costs are additional: SMS .0158, Email .001687, Make Calls .028 minute, Receive Calls .017 minute, LC Trigger .018, Email Verify .0645, SMS Verify .05, Content AI .162, Workflow ai .06, Conversation ai .01.

What would it take weekly to achieve $1.25, $2 & $5 million in annual sales?

What would it take weekly to achieve $1.25, $2 & $5 million in annual sales?

If you're hungry for success as a Hungry Joe's franchise owner, understanding the numbers is key. Let's break down what it takes to achieve three different annual sales milestones: $1.25 million, $2 m... ...more

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November 01, 20232 min read

What would it take to become the top Chicken Franchise in the US Mid-Atlantic

What would it take to become the top Chicken Franchise in the US Mid-Atlantic

Becoming the number one chicken franchise in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States is an ambitious goal that Hangry Joe's can achieve through a combination of strategic initiatives: ...more

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October 24, 20232 min read

How The Hangry Joe AI Chatbot from GO Agency Saves You Time & Money

How The Hangry Joe AI Chatbot from GO Agency Saves You Time & Money

In this video, I will discuss the AI chatbot that we have implemented on every Hangry Joe's website. The chatbot provides immediate responses to customer inquiries, including repetitive questions abou... ...more

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October 21, 20233 min read

One Platform & App For Everything!

Reduce Your Tech Stack With app.GoAgency.com

Hangry Joe's Franchises Get Our $497 Monthly Platform for

Just $99 Monthly + Messaging Costs

Here are some of the benefits of the features included in our platform:

  • 2 Way Text & Email Conversation: Our platform allows for seamless communication with potential and existing customers through text and email, making it easy to address any concerns or questions they may have.

  • GMB Messaging: Our platform makes it easy to respond quickly to Google My Business messages, ensuring that customers receive timely responses and feel supported.

  • Web Chat: Powered by AI our live chat service provides a quick and easy way for potential customers to get in touch and ask questions, helping to increase engagement and leads.

  • Reputation Management: Our platform helps to monitor and manage online reviews of your business, ensuring that your online reputation remains positive and strong.

  • Facebook Messenger: Our platform allows you to respond quickly to customers who contact you through Facebook, providing excellent customer service and support.

  • GMB Call Tracking: Our platform allows you to track calls that come in from your Google My Business listing, providing valuable data on your business’s online presence.

  • Missed Call Text Back: Our platform sends an automated text message to callers who did not leave a voicemail, ensuring that no potential leads are missed.

  • Text To Pay: Our platform allows for easy payment processing through text messages, streamlining the payment process for customers and businesses alike.

  • Calendar: Our platform allows customers to schedule appointments with your business online, making it easy to manage appointments and avoid scheduling conflicts.

  • CRM: Our platform provides a comprehensive customer relationship management tool, allowing you to track customer interactions and provide personalized service.

  • Pipeline Opportunities: Our platform helps you identify potential leads and manage them through the sales process, ensuring that no potential leads are missed.

  • Email & SMS Marketing: Our platform allows for easy email marketing campaigns, helping to keep customers engaged and informed about your business’s services.

  • Funnels: Our platform helps to guide potential customers through the sales process, making it easier to convert leads into paying customers.

  • Memberships: Our platform provides a way to manage memberships and subscriptions, making it easy to offer loyalty programs and other incentives.

  • Websites: Our platform provides website design and management tools, helping to ensure that your online presence is professional and engaging.

  • Workflows: Our platform provides a tool to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Forms: Our platform allows for easy creation and management of online forms, making it easy for customers to submit inquiries or schedule appointments.

  • Surveys: Our platform allows for easy creation and management of online surveys, helping to gather valuable feedback from customers.

  • Trigger Links: Our platform provides a way to trigger specific actions based on customer behavior, allowing for more personalized and targeted marketing.

  • SMS & Email Templates: Our platform provides pre-made templates for text and email messages, making it easy to communicate with customers in a professional and efficient manner.

  • All Reporting: Our platform provides detailed reporting on all aspects of your business’s online presence and customer interactions, helping to inform decision-making and identify areas for improvement.

Watch The 10-Minute Platform Overview

Without Monthly or PreOpening Package

Hangry Joe's Franchises Get Our $497 Monthly Platform for

Just $99 Monthly + Messaging Costs

What does a store with 5 million in Annual Sales Look Like?

Web Development - Your Own Franchise Website!

We set up your domain, email, custom email,

Complete Social Media Managment









Posting Creativity That Creates Engagement

We don't just post people enjoying the product we are building the brand one store at a time.

🍗🧇 When chicken and waffles meet, it's like a sweet and savory tango on your taste buds! 😋🕺 Just remember, the syrup's got one job: to bring harmony to this flavorful dance. Don't let it hog the spotlight, or you'll have a sticky situation! 🕊️🥞🍯 Let's keep the syrup in check and the chicken-waffle duet on point at Hangry Joe's! #ChickenAndWaffles #SyrupSavvy #JoinTheFLOCK #hangryjoes #hangryjoeschicken #CrushinSandos

🔥🍗 At Hangry Joe's, we believe in sauce equality! Unlike those other places that offer just one sauce, we've got a sauce lineup that'll make your head spin – in a saucy way, of course! From mild to wild, sweet to sassy, we've got a sauce for every wing mood. Life's too short for a saucy monotony! 😉 Get ready to dip, dunk, and dive into a world of flavor like never before. #DrownInFlavor #JoinTheFLOCK #hangryjoes #CrushinSandos

🎩🐔 Prepare to be dazzled, people! At Hangry Joe's, our chicken nuggets are the Houdini of fast food—here one second, gone the next! 🎥✨ Behold the disappearing act in our latest video and try not to drool. Wouldn't it be great if these nuggets could stick around as long as your appetite does? 🤤
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🍗🔥 Who needs regular Jenga when you can have Chicken Jenga with Hangry Joe's Chicken Boxes?! 🎉🐔 Stack 'em high, stack 'em saucy – the ultimate game of flavor and balance! Remember, if your tower falls, you don't lose, you just gain a chance to snack on some finger-lickin' goodness! Get ready to play the most cluckin' delicious game of Jenga ever! 😂🍗🎲 #ChickenJenga #StackItHigh #JoinTheFLOCK #hangryjoes #hangryjoeschicken #CrushinSandos

🥗🤣 Who said hot chicken can't be a "health" chicken? Our salads at Hangry Joe's are so packed with greens that even our chickens are eyeing them with envy! 🐔🌿 Get your daily dose of laughs and vitamins in one bite – because eating well should never be a cluckin' bore! 🥗🥳 Tag your salad-loving pals and join the greens revolution at Hangry Joe's! 🥬🍗 #GreensForLaughs #HealthyIndulgence #JoinTheFLOCK #hangryjoes #hangryjoeschicken #CrushinSandos

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🚪🔥 No need for superhero skills to satisfy your chicken cravings! At Hangry Joe's, our pick-up and delivery options are like a flavor explosion that bursts through walls (figuratively, of course)! 💥🍗 Just imagine you're the chicken crusader, summoning the power of unbeatable hot chicken at your doorstep. Tag your fellow food adventurers and get ready to conquer your hunger with a side of laughter! 🦸‍♂️🚚 #ChickenCrusader #JoinTheFLOCK #hangryjoes #hangryjoeschicken #CrushinSandos

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Offers That Work & Bring In Sales

We know the right time to bring in the sales.

🍗🧇 Hangry Joe's Famous Chicken and Waffles are $9.95 here for a limited time, and they're causing a cluckin' sensation! 🎉🔥

For the next 3 days at Zephyrhills only, you can dive into our famous Chicken and Waffles for just $9.95! That's right, crispy, juicy chicken paired with fluffy waffles, all for less than a fast-food flop! 🍔💃

Don't let this deal waffle away! Expires Monday 10/23/23Swing by Hangry Joe's and savor the taste of pure chicken and waffle heaven! 🐔🧇 #HangryJoes #CrushinSandos #ChickenandWaffles

🐔🍗 Hey there, Wing Warriors! Hangry Joe's has unleashed a clucktastic deal that's too good to wing it! 🤣

For just a buck a wing, yes, you heard it right, ONE DOLLAR = 1 wing!!! As many as you want - you can indulge in our mouthwatering wings! But, here's the catch: you've got a mere 3 days to wing your way to Hangry Joe's and get in on this feather-ruffling offer! 🎉💰

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🐔🍗 Get ready for the most cluckin' epic weekend ever! This Saturday AND Sunday, we're serving up 50 nuggets for just $29.99! That's right, it's a nugget party at Hangry Joe's! 🎉🎈

You don't need a nugget passport; you just need a love for crispy, mouthwatering goodness. But wait, there's more... nah, just kidding, it's just a crazy good deal on nuggets! 🤣

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🍟🥤🍔 Hey there, Chicken Lovers! This Friday, September 29th, 2023, it's Fry-day Funday at Hangry Joe's! 🍔🥳

Here's the deal: Buy any entree, and we'll hook you up with a FREE order of Fries and a large Fountain Drink!🐔💃

Just remember, it's one per customer, and you can't stack it with other offers. But hey, who needs more when you've got Hangry Joe's legendary chicken goodness? 🎉🍗

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🥤🍦 Shake it up, chicken lovers! Hangry Joe's is giving you the ultimate shake-down deal! 🍔🎉

For just 3 days, you can indulge in ANY of our mouthwatering shakes for just $3! That's right, whether you're team vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or even Oreo, we've got a shake with your name on it! 🥤🔥

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🍗🧇 Get ready for a flavor fiesta, chicken enthusiasts! Hangry Joe's Chicken and Waffles are here for a limited time, and they're causing a cluckin' sensation! 🎉🔥

For the next 3 days, you can dive into our famous Chicken and Waffles for just $9.95! That's right, crispy, juicy chicken paired with fluffy waffles! 🍔💃

Don't let this deal waffle away! Swing by Hangry Joe's and savor the taste of pure chicken and waffle heaven! 🐔🧇 #WaffleWednesday #ChickenLovers #HangryJoes #CrushinSandos

🍗🥤 Hey there, Hangry Joe's fam! We've got a deal that's sizzlin' hot - and not just from our chicken! 🔥

Get ready to wing it with us today and tomorrow! Mention this post and get a mouthwatering $5 off when you order 50 or more wings! That's right, the more wings, the merrier! 🍗🎉

But hold onto your milkshakes, because there's more! We're serving up 1/2 price milkshakes to wash down all that chicken goodness. It's the perfect sweet treat to cool those taste buds! 🥤🍦

Get More Quality Reviews & Manage Like A Boss

Not only do we nudge you with a digital wink to leave a review post-purchase, but we also roll up our sleeves to manage and respond to all your feedback – yep, even the not-so-sunny ones! We've got it all under our wing!

Lighted Signage

Instant Responses

Yext Monthly


Pre-Opening & Permanent Signage

We design and manage bids for both Pre-Opening and Permanent Signage

Lighted Signage




Pre-Opening Banners



Table Sticker

Traditional, Print, Mailers, Billboards, Radio & Television

We have over 25 years experience with traditional advertising.

Free Sando Cards

Business Cards


Direct Mail

UberEats, DoorDash, Grug Hub & Chowly

Discover ROAS in places you might now expect.


Weekly Emailed Reports with Benchmark Comparisons

Real Time Access to Advertising Costs & Results



📞 Phone: 1-813-790-5909

📧 Email: [email protected]

🌐 Website: www.hangry-joes.com